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So, you want to try and volunteer at our haunted house, eh?  Think you have some good ideas for new scares?  Or just want to help out?

Excellent!  We are always looking for new helpers and ideas!  We do, however, have some rules that determine who can and cannot be volunteers...

1.  You MUST be 18 years old or your parent MUST accompany you,
2.  Strict adherence to our rules and guidelines,
3.  A fun personality!

Even though all our help is volunteer based, we do ask that you make a commitment to the haunt.  Please show up when you are suppose to, complete the duties you are given, and if you cannot attend a certain night, please inform one of the haunt's organizers as early as possible!

We retain the right to ask ANYONE to leave at ANY time; haunters and visitors alike.

Want more information or have a question or comment?  Just EMAIL us at:



This is a formerly innocent young woman, corrupted in the prime of her life, coerced over to the dark side by a group of seriously twisted individuals, SUPPOSEDLY in the name of charity.  It was a gradual process, begun with a little painting, a few nights spent watching small children, protecting their innocence while the adults reveled in the debauchery of the season.  Alas, she succumbed when the pressure got too great, and sealed the deal with way too much chocolate.  The rest is (shameful) history…